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Requires Mac OS X 10.4

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SubEthaEdit 3.x features an improved application architecture that simplifies adding great exciting features. We are determined to improve SubEthaEdit to a lean, fully fledged text editor.
  • Networking
    • Share documents with Bonjour
      • See all announced documents in your local network
      • See users available for collaboration in your local network
      • See other users' pictures (like iChat)
    • Share documents over the Internet
      • Connect to others SubEthaEdits over the internet
      • Join existing local sessions from anywhere
    • Support for SubEthaEdit URLs
    • Fully IPv6 enabled
    • Automatic Port Mapping
    • Drag and Drop iChat Invites (10.5)
    • TLS/SSL Encryption of Connections
    • Friendcasting
  • Collaborating
    • Anyone can type anywhere anytime
    • See other users' cursors and selections
      • in the document
      • in the document's scrollbar
    • Invite people to your documents
    • Invitations shown in dock icon badge
    • Authorize users to join private documents
    • Read-only access
    • Control collaboration with AppleScript
    • Kick users off your document
    • Integration with iChat and Mail
    • Collaborations exportable as webpage and PDF (via Print)
  • Editing
    • Tabbed Window Interface
    • Code Folding
    • AppleScript menu
    • Manipulate text with AppleScript
    • Regular expression search and replace
      • Eight different regex flavors: Posix, Posix Extended, Emacs, grep, GNU, Java, Perl, Ruby
      • Per document list–of–found with colored regex groups
    • Safari-powered live-updating HTML preview
    • Full Unicode™ support
    • Show invisible characters
    • File encodings support
    • File encodings conversion
    • "Open" and "Save" using administrator permissions
    • "Open" and "Save" hidden files
    • Line ending conversion
    • Encoding Doctor
    • Mixed line ending assistance
    • Page guide for fixed-width layout
    • Command line tool
    • Autocompletion
    • Blockedit
    • Clickable URLs
    • Full featured printing
    • Enhanceable (e.g. with WordService or AppleScript)
      • Text conversion, statistics, custom keybindings, etc.
    • Splitview
    • Multiple Views (Windows) per file
    • Persistent window positions
  • Developing
    • Indenting
    • Bracket matching and selection
    • Selfcontained, extensible syntax modes
    • Extensible Function popup menu
    • Per mode autocompletion dictionary
    • Copy code snippets as colored HTML
    • Customizable syntax colors
    • Extensible Syntax Highlighting
      • Support for ActionScript, AppleScript, bash, C, C++, CSS, Cold Fusion, Diff, ERB, Erlang, Go, HTML, Java, Javascript, LaTeX, Lua, Objective-C, Objective-J, LassoScript, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, Wiki and XML already included.
      • Fontification (bold and italic syntax).
    • Per mode preferences
    • Integrates with Xcode as external editor
    • Integrates with FTP clients as external editor